Château Dauzac
“Luxurious Interlude in the Heart of the Margaux Vineyard”
Nestled just a few hundred meters from the Gironde estuary, amidst meadows and Médoc forests, lies the Grand Cru Classé de Margaux, dating back to 1855. This prestigious estate spans 49 hectares of contiguous vineyards, rooted in the heart of a 120-hectare domain. The terroir reflects the abundant richness of the surrounding natural environment. Beyond the exceptional biodiversity showcased through its wines, this historic property embodies a lifestyle that seamlessly blends wine, gastronomy, art, and hospitality.
In a commitment to cultivate and enhance its oenotouristic dimension, the Château has recently completed a two-year renovation project. The goal was to transform two buildings into prestigious venues for events and luxurious guest accommodations.
La Chartreuse: Originally designed for oenotouristic experiences, La Chartreuse now boasts five charming guest rooms. Its redesign emphasizes the original stone walls and timber frames, harmoniously blending contemporary elements. Hints of yellow and gold punctuate the overall decor—a nod to the visual identity of Château Dauzac.
La Boulangerie: Initially an agricultural building, La Boulangerie has been reimagined to showcase its original stone walls and roof structures. Alongside modern touches, this space exudes elegance and serves as another luxurious guest accommodation within the estate.
La Chartreuse, with its four luxurious bedrooms, a lounge, a dining room, a meeting space, and a grand gallery, stands as an exceptional venue for events or stays. Situated facing the park and the water, this elongated building was meticulously designed to harmonize with the existing architectural character. The exposed timber framework and the locally crafted spiral staircase evoke the traditional charm of Bordeaux chartreuses, seamlessly blending with the modernity brought forth by unique room decorations.
Each room offers a tranquil dual view: one side overlooks the park, while the other gazes upon the serene lake. Adorning the walls are paintings and artworks from Château Dauzac’s private collection, adding tasteful refinement to the Chartreuse.
In a more confidential style, the Boulangerie, a traditionally designed building, has been transformed into a high-end guesthouse. Equipped with a dining room and a lounge featuring a large antique fireplace, this structure also includes a meeting room and an outdoor terrace, which will eventually have a swimming pool. Upstairs, there are two bedrooms, one of which is a suite. Culinary enthusiasts can, upon request, participate in cooking classes with chefs near the authentic bread oven.

Text: Château Dauzac
Photo credit: Géraldine Bruneel

Bordeaux, France
Hotel, Vineyard
Architecture, Interior Design
1000 m2
Hotel 5*

Bordeaux, France